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I’m grateful to have attended an amazing conference in Costa Rica. I’ve learned so much about the different regions, history and culture. I visited luxury resorts, boutique hotels, met wonderful local suppliers, each so welcoming and full of knowledge.

The Essence Of Costa Rica did an amazing job of putting this learning experience together for us Travel Advisors. Giving me the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture for an authentic local experience. I left feeling confident knowing that with a great team behind me I can put together truly special and unique trips. Until next year 

Costa Rica estas en mi alma


Stacie Wolfe 

Vincent Vacations 

I’ve traveled all over the world as a child and an adult. As a travel agent it’s important for me to see and experience an area before selling to my clients. When I saw the posting and info about Essence of Costa Rica holding a learning conference to learn about selling Costa Rica; and providing a post FAM to experience different areas of Costa Rica, I immediately signed up. Unfortunately, I had never been to Costa Rica in all my traveling. I fell in love with Costa Rica on day one. Costa Rica is breathtaking and so fun.


Essence of Costa Rica put on an amazing conference that taught me so MUCH. I learned about the culture of Costa Rica, the food, the climate, and geography. How to book accessible travel, wellness travel, how to book destination weddings and honeymoons. I was so impressed with all the speakers at the conference, as they provided lots of information to help grow my business and give my clients the best vacation while in Costa Rica.


I was on the Monteverde post FAM. During our FAM we hiked, road ATV’s, visited the ecotermales, saw Sloths in the Sloth Sanctuary, ziplined through the forest, and walked across many hanging bridges in Mistico Park. I had the time of my life. A bucket list vacation, that I can’t wait to sell to all my clients. Each and every person within Essence of Costa Rica has forever changed me and left a special place in my heart. If you get the chance to be apart of their next conference and FAM, jump on the opportunity, you will not regret it. I cannot wait for next year!


Thank for you everything, Essence of Costa Rica.


Valerie Silas

Valerie Silas

What Attending the Conference meant to me -


Prior to attending, Costa Rica was just another destination to sell that I really wasn’t familiar with. I was sending people there to stay at Resort chains not to experience all this amazing country had to offer, Yoga retreat, wellness experiences, adventure beyond anything I could really imagine! I paid more for this Conference / Fam trip than ever before, but it appeared to be well put together so I quickly signed up and anxiously awaited the day to experience and learn what all this mystery destination offered. I was pleasantly surprised just how worth every penny it would be. The wealth of knowledge shared would penetrated my soul! 


What I didn’t realize was this fam trip was being organized by the most Passionate people I had ever met, to present and think outside the box and taught us the many ways to sell Costa Rica. It quickly became a passion of everyone who attended to want to experience first hand and to share it with our clients. The Passionate heart of Jolio became a contagious spirit to share the Costa Rica people with us Travel advisors. 


We did many site inspections, some very unique properties, walked in the Jungles, experienced Hanging bridges, ATV in the Arenal Volcano area, and networked with each other. At the Conference they brought in some very important speakers that shared about Costa Rica you would have never thought to ask about. Pure wisdom! 


I left the conference and the fam experiences in Costa Rica with a desire to make sure my clients would come and feel as I did when they left- That they MUST RETURN!!!


I highly recommend attending and experiencing



Thank you for the privilege to be apart of this !