Guanacaste province will be the epicenter of the first Essence of Costa Rica Conference.

Actualizado: 23 may 2021

The province of Guanacaste will host the first Esencia de Costa Rica conference. During the last visit of Ms. Lisa Sheldon and Julio Cesar Calvo to the province of Guanacaste, they held a meeting with the board of directors of CATURGUA, (Guanacaste Tourism Chamber) to gather support and empower the tourist entrepreneurs who have been affected due to the covid 19 pandemic. During the conference, participants will learn more about the Guanacaste destination, which has one of the two most important international airports in the country; Daniel Oduver Airport is located in the city of Liberia in the Pacific North of Costa Rica. Guanacaste offers top quality products and services, boutique hotels, chain hotels such as Marriott, Westin, Andaz, among others. The quality of tour operators as in the rest of the country are of very high quality that meet the standards of international recruitment. Don't miss out on this first-of-its-kind conference.

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