Actualizado: 26 may 2021

Our organization brought to Costa Rica the first FAM TRIP of Luxury Travel Agents last November, 2020.

Our organization brought to Costa Rica the first FAM TRIP of travel advisors specializing in luxury and romance travel agents once Costa Rica lifted restrictions to international travelers.

Since Costa Rica opened its borders to US citizens our organization has been working on developing a new strategic way to offer Costa Rica as a destination that promotes experiences to tourists looking for something out of the ordinary that can change their lives. The "3 amigos" alliance between Lisa Sheldon, Julio Cesar Calvo and Tiffany Richards brought about the creation of the Essence of Costa Rica Conference which will take place from October 17 to 20 of this year in Guanacaste at Andaz Papagayo Resort.

The Essence of Costa Rica Conference comprises a series of destination learning sessions aimed at travel advisors that offer travel experiences in topics such as wellness, luxury, adventure, gastronomy, LGBTI tourism, honeymoon and weddings. Participants will be able to learn how to sell Costa Rica from the perspective of having an in-depth knowledge of the destination. The travel advisors can then offer that valuable knowledge to their clients to create unforgettable experiences. One of the most important ingredients of these experiences are its people, political and social stability, education, and culture.

The conference is aimed at niche focused travel advisors who will learn first-hand from Costa Rican experts about the destination as a diverse, inclusive country, unique with characteristics of sustainability, harmony with nature, but also respectful of all visitors. Hotels, tour operators, small rural tourism companies will have the opportunity to present their services to the participants at the travel marketplace portion of the conference

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